Mike Raiche

About Mike

Mike, his wife Jocelyn, and his 3 boys live among the beautiful lakes of Minnesota. In 1993 Mike started his first business and has never looked back. Today Mike is a leading authority figure in the areas of Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation. When Mike is not busy helping business owners succeed you can find him at the rink or on the field coaching youth sports. To schedule a call with Mike, click the link below.

"You can live your life in any way that you choose, but you can only live it once. Choose wisely."

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My Big Why...

Through all the up's and down's of running his own business, people ask Mike all the time why he works so hard. His answer is simple...

"To provide lasting memories for my family."


Making a Difference

"Mike is one of the very best business men I have every had the privilege to know and work with. He is genuine, cares deeply about producing high quality work that brings value to others, and is always prompt and respectful of others in regard to time and value added. Mike's people skills are beyond good. He is so genuine and honest that people feel an immediate rapport with him."



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